Your help with the presentation and with preparation for the interview was invaluable.

Justice of the Supreme Court


The lawyer’s psychology is very familiar to me after 30 years working with lawyers.

Knowing what an alien process this can be for lawyers, I bring wide experience of psychology, HR/recruitment processes and presentation skills coaching to bear to help you take a broad, as well as a sharply-focused, approach to your ‘self assessment’ and to put your best foot forward on the assessment day
Fiona is great to work with – highly perceptive and constructive.

Solicitor – Top ranked in Chambers

The 'game'

Using psychology techniques to help you to:

take control
use your physiology
play your best game
Thank you for all your help and support. It certainly helped me to kick my game up a level.

Coroner (N.I.)

The Judicial Process

Since 2006 working with hundreds of successful candidates: Court of Appeal through to specialist tribunal appointments and enquiry chairs.

In Scotland, working with successful candidates for the High Court of the Justiciary, Senators of the College of Justice, Sheriff Principals, Sheriffs and Summary Sheriffs.

I couldn’t have done it without you!



You know the value of your reputation. I do, too. I am well-known in judicial circles in both England and Scotland for:

a rigorous yet supportive approach
straightforward, constructive advice
a prompt, practical response
I just wish I had contacted Fiona earlier. She came with very strong endorsements from colleagues, and I now understand why. She gave me invaluable insights into the process which have been very much appreciated – whatever the outcome.



Excellent success record working with candidates since the start of the competency-based system

It has been such a pleasure working with you—the perfect balance of useful, honest critique and constructive advice/guidance.

QC (Solicitor)

How it works

Working together to help you stand out

The Application

advice on your total approach to the application form
review of your draft to ensure your competency examples ‘hit the spot’
make your examples tell a clear story, not just for the legal reader but for the lay readers
“You have transformed the application. I’m really grateful not just for the substance of your suggestions but also the speed and efficiency with which you have dealt with them.

Deputy High Court Judge

Presenting your own case is a different matter altogether!

The Interview

preparing you to face the panel, not forgetting the lay ‘wingers’
working through answers to typical (and past) questions so that you can give the best account of your skills, experience and suitability
enabling you to see it from the other side of the table
I am so thankful for your input into my preparation for the interview which was absolutely invaluable. I feel much, much better equipped to meet the interview.

High Court Judge

Fiona McLaren


With over 25 years experience in professional services as organisational consultant, coach and HR practitioner, I have worked with clients in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, and the USA, ranging from major City, international and regional law firms, barristers’ chambers, government departments, City banks, oil and gas companies, NHS Foundation Trusts to charities, pharmaceutical companies, art galleries and music conservatoires.

Recently a visiting lecturer in organisational psychology on two Masters courses at King’s College London and Brunel universities. In my MSc in Organisational Psychology and Psychiatry, I wrote my dissertation on psychological issues in a law firm. Also recently a Lay Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons.